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A Hungarian gem; thermal and medicinal baths!

With more than a thousand hot springs, a visit to Hungary is accompanied by an afternoon of steaming in one of the many hot springs.

Thermal and medicinal baths abound in Hungary. These sources have a history of more than 2000 years. The Celts call them “ak-luk”, which literally means abundant waters.

At a distance of 30 min - 50 from the 'Butterfly and Wooden Shoe Farm' are: Thermal Spa Siklós, Hárkány Fürdo, Magyarhertelend Fürdo and Szigetvár Fürdo. They have various indoor (different temperatures) and outdoor pools, saunas, plunge pools, herbal baths. Every season a benefit.


For Hungarians, bathing culture is very important. They use the baths to relax but also to cure certain diseases. There are lists of thermal baths with the water composition and the diseases for which healing can be sought. For Hungarians, bathing is a traditional social ritual, a place to meet and catch up with your family and friends on a regular basis.

The spa, and thermal baths are not only inside. In the summer season there are also competition pools for sports enthusiasts. In some thermal baths you can swim from the inside out in hot thermal water. So also in winter!


Slippers are mandatory for hygiene and slipping!!


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