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Hungary surprising holiday destination

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“Life as God in France.” The winged expression for those who in the sunny south know how to live luxury, enjoy and have an almost paradise existence apart from Dutch stress and lack orspace. It is becoming increasingly clear that as a Belgian or Dutchman you can also live as' God 'in a country like Hungary. Not for nothing, because Hungary, like France or Italy, offers many attractive conditions that the Lagelander desires. Why not tasty different, why not Hungary? A few good reasons to discover Hungary are;

The Climate

A pleasant warm continental climate with Mediterranean influences with almost always dry weather from mid-April to the end orSeptember, lots orsunshine and a nice temperature. In Hungary you walk half the year in your shorts, delicious!

Hungarian Hospitality

Particularly in the countryside, in the small villages, you can still find the ancient, traditional hospitality. You're gonna notice, real human contact knows no language barriers.

The delicious food

You certainly know the goulash, but you only taste the real one in Hungary! Sure it tastes better there. You can also enjoy other Hungarian dishes, such as stuffed paprika, Szege dinner sauerkraut or paprika ip. And you will certainly feast on the Hungarian straedel, somloi galuska, with chocolate, whipped cream and raisins, or the delicious palacsinta (crepes).

The delicious wines

Tokajer wines and bull blood from Eger, maybe that tells you something. But there are many more (tasty) wines, such as the red wines orSopron, Pécs or the surroundings orLake Balaton. You can visit real wine cellar villages in Villány where award-winning red wines are produced that belong to the world's top!

The thermal baths

Maybe suffer from physical complaints, movement problems or joint problems? Or do you just want to stay fit and relax during the holidays? There are 84 spas with healing, hot water waiting for you. Thermal baths with their proven medicinal effect against rheumatic diseases, skin symptoms and other ailments. It is often possible to combine the baths with sauna and massages, for a very low price according to our standards. As reborn you return home from a true spa holiday!


Last but not least; the pleasant prices!

Hungary is not expensive. In the vicinity orour holiday homes you will find cozy and cheap places where you can eat well. Dinner here costs about 15 euros for two people, half a litre ortable wine included. Consumption in a café costs about one euro for half a litre orbeer and this is also about the price for a large soft drink. Entrance tickets to museums, baths, train trips are still much cheaper than in the Netherlands. In the larger stores Tesco, Lidl and Aldi you can buy everything you need.


Interested in a trip to authentic Hungary? Relax in a quiet, unspoilt rural setting and discover the hidden beauty and local delicacies? Then book your next holiday at the Butterfly farm or Clogs farm .

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