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Castles in the Netherlands

In the past, the Normans made the coasts of Europe unsafe. They're looting everything and everyone. Because people were afraid and they wanted to protect the houses, they built walls around their homes. Thus arose the first castles, about 800-1000 years AD.

The first castles were round. Later that were square castles, which were better to defend. From a straight wall you have better views over the surroundings than a round wall.

A funny fact: Many castles had narrow spiral staircases. They usually turned right. A defender at the top had all the space and could just keep fighting with his sword in his right hand. The attacker who came from below had to take his sword in the left hand. Otherwise, he'd hit the stairs all the time.

Cannenburgh/ Photo: Albert Speelman. Want to see more pictures of Albert Speelman? Then click HERE

Moersbergen/Photo: Albert Speelman

Do you want to know where castles are located in the Netherlands?Or where you can find reunions? Then look at the website and type your city of residence. You can search up to 50km around a place of residence, or you can enter your location. Handy, for if you want to visit or view a castle!

Castles, by definition, appeal to the imagination. They are without exception imposing buildings set up opposing places in the landscape. They served as defenses, hunting palaces and lusthoven. They were besieged, conquered, destroyed but also rebuilt. The romantic and fairytale castles built after the Middle Ages should of course not be missed here. The hundred most beautiful castles in one book.

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