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10 Beautiful Places To Take Pictures in Rotterdam Centre

Whenever I go on a trip, I love to take pictures. The Netherlands has a lot of unique spots to visit, and one of my favorite cities is #Rotterdam. That's why I really really wanted to book a stay at a hotel in Rotterdam this year for Christmas. A lot of people may wonder why travel to your own country? But hey, didn't you know that it's a great way to get to get to know your country even more? Accompany me to a variety of places that I visited on Day 3 of my Corona Christmas Diary Series.


 The Seagull Prince - Wijkpark

In the past, I had no idea what the name of this statue was. However I always called it the Seagull Prince, as there's always a seagull on top of it.

The seagulls don't move as you take pictures of them, but almost always start shitting. I think that's their token of payment and their way of saying thanks for me taking their beautiful picture.

Today I managed to capture this occurrence perfectly fine and i also managed to find the name of the statue.

This statue is a life-size statue of Rigardus Rijnhout, the tallest man in the Netherlands at 2.37 m. Next to him you can see a chair and his shoes.

His extraordinary height was caused by a growth disorder. Rijnhout died at the age of 36 from the pituitary tumor that was the cause of his growth disorder. Four years earlier, he had become disabled in an accident with his bicycle. The friendly man was seen as a phenomenon in the Maasstad and therefore had to endure a lot.  For me he will of course always be the Seagull prince, regardless of what anyone says.

Wijkpark Het Oude westen - Entrance

Wijkpark het Oude westen is a medium-sized park, however always is accompanied by  a swarm of seagulls. The park was created in the time of urban renewal with the dedication and patience of active residents. It was opened in 1987 and has a beautiful vegetable garden and 'animal yard' at the back, which are maintained and managed by the residents.

The Wijkpark is opened Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 15 minutes before sunset. If you would like to visit the park, it is best to come around morning or noon.

This park is contains some wonderful ornaments and statues to take pictures with.  The fountains, benches, friendly people, the grass field in the back and the seagull galore spectacte at the entrance provide some awesome aesthetics.



Rotterdam Street Art Museum

There's a variety of beautiful paintings available along the path of the Kruiskade street, known as the Rotterdam Street Art Museum. Here we can view beautiful art on the street for free.

Most of the times we do not really know who made them. So that's why I'm going to share with you the creators of these masterpieces.

Telmo Miel

The picture of the gentleman was painted by the duo Telmo Miel. They worked hard to paint this portrait called "Feis Forever" as a tribute to him. Feis was a very well known rapper in Rotterdam, who passed away too young.

Wild Drawing

The 3D blue and orange drawing was created by Wild Drawing (WD). He was born in Bali, Indonesia, and has degrees in Fine Arts and in Applied Arts. He started off as street artist in 2000 and from there he spends most of his time to work in the streets especially. WD participated in a lot of graffiti/street art festivals, in Asia, Europe and America.



Cube houses

I already noticed these peculiar, cute and unique yellow cube houses the first time I stepped off at Station Blaak - Rotterdam. I never knew what they were until I went ahead and Googled: "funny-looking yellow cube houses".

Then I found out that these are actually for rent and that you can actually stay the night in them. However I always asked myself how you can stand or sleep in such a diagonal cube.... Of course probably the insides are completely different design. Did anyone in the comments stay in these houses yet?

Chinatown Rotterdam - Kruiskade

This very multicultural neighborhood is loaded full of restaurants with Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Surinamese and Antillean Cuisine. You meet so many different cultures and people of all nationalities.

I love walking here, because I feel so much at home. It reminds me of my birth country, Curacao, where everyone is very friendly, jolly and sometimes also very crazy! Good crazy, of course!



Rotterdam Central Station - Outside

With all the beautiful people walking by and it's modern and sleek design, the structure of the station is a very nice background to your selfies or to your pictures.

Who would've thought that public transportation would make a great snapshot.  The cool part is that the Rotterdam Central Station is not the only one. The Netherlands has some pretty beautiful stations, all of them having a unique architecture: Zoetermeer Central Station, The Hague Central Station, Utrecht Central Station.

Rotterdam Central Station - Inside

If you're going during the Christmas holidays, that's the best time to take pictures! On the inside of the central station you will find some very cute adornments. Gift-shaped cubicles, lights in the shape of clouds, Christmas trees and more.

While you're at it you can grab a bite and a coffee at Starbucks. I specifically recommend the Egg & Bacon Croissant and their White Latte Coffee.


Markthal - Rotterdam

Markthal has a beautiful architecture adorned with the most beautiful colors. To top it off the place is full of great restaurants.

I can greatly recommend for you to grab some food at the following snackbars and/or supermarkets: Sate Lounge, Wah nam Hong and that delicious Churros place for dessert.

Koopgoot - Beurs

While walking in the Koopgoot, especially during Christmas, you will find beautiful adornments where you can take pictures at.

If you can't find anything to your liking you can always check out the multitude of stores available. There's a reason why this is called the "Koopgoot". It literally translates to "Sales gutter" in English.

The street is located below the street level of the Coolsingel. Above the Beurstraverse is the Beurs World Trade Center Rotterdam. Originally, the traverse was only part of the exit of the Beurs metro station and was also intended to allow pedestrians to cross the busy Coolsingel.

I myself always love to exit at the Koopgoot entrance when I arrive at Beurs. Even though I never buy anything, I love to walk there as you can see me smiling on the picture.  It's also free !


The Erasmus Bridge

Even though the best way to take photos of the bridge  is from a distance, you can take some pretty cool pictures under the bridge! Also I will guarantee you will find it very amusing walking on the bridge itself.

I recommend you to take a jog on the bridge or take a tram ride over the bridge if you don't fancy walking.

Next to that if you are looking for a life-changing experience, I can recommend you Spido, located right underneath the bridge, which offers you beautiful rides on a tour boat throughout the harbor.

Have you ever been to Rotterdam or would like to visit? Which are your favorite spots to take pictures in this beautiful city?

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