Invite your friends to Yoors and earn!

Invite your friends to Yoors and earn!

I know, I know. It was just christmas a few days ago but Yoors Santa is still here to gift some more Achievement Points and Yoors Points. We have decided to reward you enormously if you can manage to bring more great content creators, sharers or readers like you to Yoors!

The following updates have been added:

  • You can now send friend requests to your dearest friends on Yoors. So go ahead and spam their inbox by going to their profile and request them to become your friend!
  • [Experiment] Earn 50 YP every time a user registers using your link and verifies their phone number.
  • [Experiment] Earn up to 50,000 YP if you convince your friends to monetize themselves on Yoors.

Where is my invite link?
Your personal invite link can be found on your homepage, profilepage and in your hamburger menu. So easy access to your link at all times. You can also take a look at and for all achievements and rewards that are about recruiting.

*Experiments are temporary functions on Yoors. We will hold the right to modify or remove the feature when needed. However if the experiment is a big success, it will be implemented as a real feature in the future :)