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Top Cheap Places to Travel

If you are a Hodophile and love to visit different places, but want to stay in budget you can look for the following destinations. Traveling in budget is all you need sometimes so that you can visit multiple places.


Follow some tips for staying in budget while travelling the world.

  • You can save a lot of money while travelling if you prefer to stay at hostels as they cost less money as compared to five-star hotels. If you want to stay at cheaper hotels as your main concern should by to enjoy.
  • If you plan to visit a certain place for longer time like months you can book an apartment in cheap rates too. You just need to search before.
  • Instead of eating at fancy restaurants, try local cuisines. They taste best and you also get the advantage of tasting different types of food and country’s specific cuisines.
  • Travelling in local buses and trains provides the cost benefit instead of expensive cabs.

Given below is the list of some cheap places to visit to make your vacation best one.

1. Guatemala:

Guatemala provides epic visiting destinations in cheap rates. You can visit amazing coastlines, jungles, and enjoy their local Casado food. You can also visit the volcano sites at Guatemala. Laguna Lachua provides serene environment alongside beautiful lake and in between reviving oasis. You can reach there by local buses and enjoy their local cuisines.


2. Panama:

Panama has the unique magnetism in it. It provides its visitors with the most spellbound places to enjoy in cheap rates than you can imagine. Visit Panama Canal, Amador causeway, 2 different oceans, and many other beautiful places. Panama is known for scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, or any sport activity.


3. Fiji:

Fiji is also called as home of islands. The beautiful palm trees, lavish islands, and amazing sandy beaches is all you need for a perfect vacation in summers. You can visit Viti Levu, Kadavu island, Tokoriki island, and others to enjoy in cheap rates. Avail the local buses and eat local food to stay in budget. You can go for cheap hotels to stay.


4. Laos:

Laos is an amazing cheap place to visit. The accommodation is bit expensive but you can do your research for affordable hotels to stay. Enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, full day tubing, vang vieng river, and other tourists spot in Laos. You can use bikes to move in between places for staying in budget.Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text


5. Hunza:

Hunza is one of the alluring and jaw-dropping vacation destination visitors can enjoy at cheap rates. Hunza valley located in the northern areas of Pakistan is an epitome of bewildering beauty. Rakhaposhi peak, baltit fort, altit fort, attabad lake, karimabad village, and other appealing lakes give you the amazing vacation mode in cheap places. You can also interact with the lovely locals and enjoy the local food of Hunza.


Get your backpack ready and avail these options of visiting the world in cheap rates. You can also follow the tips for staying in budget.

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