Self Care Activities

Self care is the practice of taking care of one’s self by adapting some ideas and actions in life. It is basically an idea of loving and nourishing yourself. It is all about practicing actions to preserve one’s own health. This covers all domains of health such as mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and practical self care. It is something when you do it, you feel better. The more you do, the more you feel free, peaceful and blessed. Since life is uncertain one should live to fullest and dedicate happiness and care to ourselves. Self care and happiness goes hand in hand. If we want to achieve happiness then we must go after the secret to self care. Why? Because the happiness we are seeking outside is actually there in us. It was neither outside nor in materialistic things. It is there in us where and what we feel about ourselves.

Some self care activities for you
We must adapt some steps and activities in our lives to lead a better life. Self care should be prioritized because it improves overall betterment along with improvement in performance in work life, social relationships, mental satisfaction, personal goals, etc. Here are some of self care activities which one could easily pick and practice.

1.    Practice gratitude: Gratitude means being thankful and appreciating what one has received in life. Showing gratitude to each and everything is a powerful idea to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Being grateful to things means seeing positivity around. It is a thankful appreciation for everything one has. When we appreciate everything, we feel better and life becomes cheerful.

2.    Breathing exercise: Breathing exercise means breathing in and out deeply in different ways. There are various techniques of breathing in and out which relaxes the body and mind both. When we breathe deeply, it sends signals to our brain due to sensations which relaxes our mind. This technique is healthy because every part of the body receives oxygen and it also improves blood circulation.

3.    Regular physical exercise: We must do regular physical exercises in either of the forms which can be yoga, gym or exercise. It strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation and minimizes mental struggles. Physical work should be adapted to daily routine because not only it keeps us healthy and fit but also mentally active and peaceful.

4.    Meditation and self talk: Meditation and self talk are some of the important self care activities. These promote mental and spiritual satisfaction. Through meditation and self talk, we connect to our inner self. We learn to know who we are and why we are important. And when we know our existence and worth we refer to self care.

5.    Develop a healthy and regular sleep: Taking proper sleep is one the important factors of self care. We require sleep after a long day. It is important to sleep and wake up on time and more important is to take proper hours of sleep because our body and brain both need to relax.

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