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Gaming - return of the board games!

Gaming stays together for me, at the table with cards, a board or pawns!

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Gaming, playing games. For me, that's still a board game. Yeah, every now and then, I play a game on my phone. Addicted for a short period of time and then I'm done with it again, and we have a nintendo, with a few games that are played with. But luckily everyone in the house, including child of 7 and adolescent age 13, still likes to play a party game! Below a few of my favorites, and at the bottom of my ABSOLUTE We all play these games with the kids since they were about 6 years old. And we really don't have to hold back!


Carcassonne is a game that exists in many versions! The castle, the prehistory, and everything else. We have two of our own in the closet that come out regularly. Together you puzzle an area into each other, where you can become administrator in different parts. Of course, you can also get bothered by making it impossible to finish one area, or by growing your area to that of another.


Favor! A lightning-fast game where everyone tries to make stacks from 1 to 10 at the same time! Don't wait your turn, just make sure you're the fastest! Favorite at family weekends (with three boxes you can play with 12 men) With our game friends neighbors we always close with Ligretto! And that can take a very long time, haha!


Remains fun, I could not even find a picture of the classic version anymore! Monopoly! Fortunately we have an extra (games) table in the room, then you can interrupt your game again to have dinner!


For us quite new! Takenoko, a fun game where, like carcassonne, you build an area together. In each turn, you may perform multiple actions to complete your assignments. Bamboo stacking, eating bamboo, watering the fields. Nice designed!



But my favorite game is our own quartet! A few years ago I made this one of our holidays! I should look up where I ordered it then, but you insert photos, quartet subjects and the four descriptions per quartet. So incredibly fun!

The girls still like to play it too, daddy hugged by a mascot in an amusement park, Tess with her feet in the water, all the sights and outings of that holiday. And every time hilarity with the card 'Amy's goat', because that's so nice when you pronounce it quickly... you know?!

Every year I try to think of something different for a reminder of our holiday.

We have already had pictures printed on aluminum a couple of times, I made a travel guide of our holiday, this year we made a book of our 'world trip from our own garden'

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