Hiking through Haarlem

Last weekend we went to Zandvoort.
From Amsterdam we cycled to Zandvoort on both the outbound and the way back.
During this bike tour we came along Haarlem so we decided to stop here for a walk.
And during this walk, a good cup of coffee with something delicious could not be missed..

We spent an hour walking through the beautiful streets of the center of Haarlem.
In the heart of Haarlem you will find the big market, this spot can be seen in the photo.
This is a wonderful place to sit on a bench and enjoy the sun.

We got the good coffee at Anne&Max.
We also got delicious pastries for the coffee.
I myself do not like gluten and also for me there were enough delicious options!

If you live near Haarlem I would definitely recommend a walk through the beautiful city!

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