The most dangerous beaches in the world


There is nothing more rewarding than on a day at the beach while the summer passes, it is a good place to share with family and friends. the smallest build a sand castle, the most daring dominate the waves. and many prefer to tan their skin. however, there is another side to the coin, since there are beaches. dangerous, full of sharks, jellyfish, wild animals and radiation. prepare your swimsuit because these are: the most dangerous beaches in the world.

1- Fraser Island (Australia).
just off the coast of Queensland, on this Australian island (where many dangerous animals already exist) the choppy waves, strong currents, veined jellyfish and sharks. They make swimming there, invested in everything a danger. And not only that, on the mainland, there is also danger, since on this island, dingoes abound. a kind of wild dog that attacks humans.

2-Gansbaai (South Africa).
This island located south of Cape Town is the closest to Shark Alley, a narrow channel between two overseas islands that is home to a large number of white sharks. In these beaches, the danger comes from sea lions and white sharks. However, rather than intimidating tourists, cage diving has been promoted to watch sharks.

3-Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands, United States).
this beautiful island, has a history. A deadly history of nuclear weapons tests carried out by the US military at the end of the Second World War. from 1946 to 1958. Because the atoll remains too contaminated by radiation to be permanently inhabited and because it is not safe to consume locally grown food, tourism is almost non-existent, however ... for those who dive looking for shipwrecks.

4-Cape Tribulation (Queensland, Australia).
This beach at the northern point of Queensland is home to a myriad of dangerous animals. Lethally poisonous box jellyfish, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, stinging trees, and giant scary birds called cassowaries, which look like emus and ostriches and grow to weigh over 200 pounds. Birds that can be extremely aggressive when provoked.

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