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Fifty shades of green: Hólmavik and road number 643, to the pool at the end of the world.

Today I would like to take you to the Westfjords, to the largest place in the Westfjords: Hólmavik.

Then you think big place? Yes, with about 375 inhabitants it is a big place, there are even several hotels and B&Bs.

This might give you an idea of how sparsely populated Iceland actually is.

We stayed in Hólmavik because we wanted to take a whaling excursion there, and we did it.

You'll find the report of that excursion HERE (opens in a new window).

In addition to the possibilities for a whale tour, Hólmavik also features the “museum of sorcery and magic”, where the witch hunt that has taken place in this area.

I didn't visit the museum simply because we didn't have time to do that.


In Hólmavik you will also find the church with the most LHBTI friendly look I've seen in Iceland.

It's a pretty young church (from 1968), the paint on the stairs was fresh when we were there, it was pride month, and that was celebrated big in Iceland!

From Hólmavik we left for a car ride on road number 643.


You can see a photo graph of our “photography card”.

A map of Iceland created by International Photographer.

On this map you will find many photographic highlights and recommendings, as well as road number 643, known for the driftwood you find along the coast, and it would be a challenging road to drive.

I said before that I would be honest about Iceland, and I am, when I say that the challenge on this road was far ahead.

It's a dirt road, but wide enough for two cars to pass each other with the greatest ease. Nothing to worry about, so!

Apart from the challenge (which most people won't look for), it's a nice road to drive, with beautiful views, and indeed a lot of driftwood along the coast.

With luck you can whale watching, unfortunately we didn't succeed, but we enjoyed the views.

Enjoy a moment?


The West Fjords are the oldest part of Iceland, the lava is softer in shape than in many other places.


Seaweed grows everywhere in the sea on lava banks.


A detail of the road, and a view:


Indeed lots of driftwood!



You don't find this one in a travel guide?


The long road winds along the coast, heading to the end of the world.


At the end of the world, you'll find a swimming pool heated by natural springs. This is such a source.

The steam smells of sulfur, the water that comes up literally boils, you see the bubbles come up.


The view at the end of the world is beautiful.


Before heading towards the pool, you can turn off the long road (you've been driving for about two hours.

If you do this, you'll come to a small village where there's a restaurant.

This is the only place with sanitation.

Please note that if you don't plan to eat something in the restaurant, you will be sent to the fishing toilets.

They do it, but put a pinch on your nose, and get away as soon as possible.

There is also a campsite nearby, and a small shop for daily necessities.

You have to drive the same way back when you came, there is no other possibility.

My conclusion: it's a nice road, but not spectacular.

Don't forget your swimwear!!

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