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Fifty shades of green: The Glanni Waterfall and Paradísarlaut

In Iceland, the wild salmon swim up the river, you can see them swimming when you are at the right time.

My other half wanted to see that, and we thought we were in Iceland at the good time, so we went on the hunt for salmon.

One of the places you could find is at the Glanni waterfall.

This waterfall is located on ring road 1, about 105 kilometres north of Reijkjavik.

There you will find a sign for Glanni and Paradísarlaut near the town of Reykholt.

Glanni means “clear”, and that's the water at the waterfall!

Unfortunately we didn't see salmon swimming, but if I were a salmon, I would definitely be there.!


From the car park (there is a restaurant), walk along a well-passable path towards the waterfall.

As with many waterfalls, you can hear these before you see it.

A vantage point was built near the waterfall, where you can shoot to your heart's content.

With a bit of luck you'll find a fisherman who fishes for salmon.

When we were there, it was very quiet.

The waterfall, or actually waterfalls contain crystal clear water, you can see the bottom!


After watching the waterfall we walked further up the gravel path, and there are some camping spots there, but when you walk far enough down you reach a fork in the path, here you will find a mocked rock, which is very beautiful alone:


When you go down at the rock to the right, your mouth falls open in astonishment.

You are in Paradísarlaut!

Paradísarlaut is nothing short of a little paradise!

In the middle of the lava fields you will find this green oasis, with a small lake, but so beautiful!

The water comes through an underground stream and fills the lake, from which it flows further to the river.

I give the image to this beautiful area:







Paradísarlaut is a very small area, but you could stay there for hours, amazing at the beauty and silence.

That's what we did, regain a little bit, back to nature.

And then recharged our way.

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