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Fifty shades of green: the rescue brigade (video).

Today I would love to take you to the Westfjords in Iceland, where we find White Sand Beach.

White sand Beach is located on road number 625, the nearest town is Flateryri, 7 km away.

The more famous Isafjordur is 15 km away.

The photo below shows the spot where you find White Sand Beach, at the tip of the pen.


If you want to drive from Reykjavik to White Sand Beach, you'll be twelve hours on the road.

That can't be done in one day, so I recommend you book an overnight stay somewhere.

There's plenty of beauty to see in the Westfjords, as this series shows (for an overview of all Iceland blogs click HERE ).

White Sand Beach is a stretch of beach that you'll find near Holt Inn.

Holt Inn is an old school building, marked on the signs, convenient to find the beach.

It's just a small stretch of beach, and in itself it's not very special.

It's a lot of fun to be after many black beaches (and a red beach ) a white beach full of black stones washed ashore.

You'll find lots of big, heavy shells, that of the North Shrunk turn out to be a mollusk.

And, to my stupid surprise, we found a starfish.

A very big starfish!


At first I thought the animal was dead, where decided to take a second look, and put the animal back into the water, if it was still alive.

And I asked my partner to film this because I found it so unique.

And that's how the video below came about.

Hyperdepiep Chris, as a rescue brigade:

We will never know if the starfish survived the rescue.

But I still think about him/her regularly.

Iceland: It Keeps Surprising You!

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