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Summer in France - day 1: from Belgium to Tulle.

Actually, I should have written a travel report of Corfu now, but Corona, for the umpteenth time, sprinkled soot in the food. Our plane was canceled two weeks ago. Greece doubted a little too long whether Belgians would be welcome in July.

To avoid the hassle of cancelling flights, hotels and rental cars, we decided to take the car and make a tour of our old love, France.

It is 6:30pm when we pick up our breakfast from our local bakery and drive towards the French border.
An hour and a half later we drive into a motorway parking on French territory and eat breakfast outside.
The people who walk in and out of the highway restaurant don't wear a mouthmask. The staff behind the breakfast bar put him on his chin. Nose and mouth uncovered. This doesn't look comforting.

By 9:30 we will be in the hectic neighbourhood of Paris. On the périphérique (ring road around the city) it looks like rush hour. We drive step-foot every other day. Motorcyclists slalomate between the existing lanes and overtake left and right, announcing their arrival. We're missing a turn and getting sucked in the wrong direction into the current traffic. Just at that moment Waze decides to abandon it and start looking for another network. The screen hangs. The fixed navigation system in the car, albeit obsolete, must bring salvation. However, we are just driving into a tunnel and the aircraft is looking for GPS signal in vain. We are instantly deaf and blind and have no idea which way to go. The old map of France, full of cracks, must bring salvation. I don't know where we are, but thanks to this piece of paper, at least we know which direction to follow. It's gonna be all right. It may not have been the shortest and fastest route, but after a lot of work we get back on the right road. Both navigation systems also find the south and take over.

We drive via Orléans until just over Châteauroux via the motorway. Then we'll keep it for a look at it. We drive off and take the usual roads, where we can at least enjoy the landscapes. It goes much slower, of course, but at least there is something to see.

From Guéret, the road on the map is marked green. This means it's a nice route. And it is. A lot better than sections full of cars and trucks.


The road is winding, in the middle of the green. In Peyrat le Chateau we stop for a little walk. The village is beautifully situated, in the middle of nature. Enjoy a moment...




From here we drive to our final destination for this day: our overnight stopover in Tulle. We're staying in Le Manoir XV Domaine de Peyrafort. Since the terrace and the bar are not open due to corona, we put ourselves in the middle of the grassland on the hill on our own chairs to enjoy the evening sun.


Another evening walk in the neighborhood and then we will retreat to our castle room. Tomorrow we drive further south.

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