Tripitos Arch on Paxos: The overwhelming nature and I...

What do we have here, the time of our lives!
Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Tripitos is a spot in the southwest of the Greek island of Paxos, where the sea has created a natural arch. The violence of the water made a passage in the cliffs.
You can visit the arch by boat, but we looked for them on foot.

There are no signposts, but Google Maps took us where we wanted to go. The last mile there is no road and you have to find your way around, with your end goal in mind.

If you watch the video, you'll see the beautiful view of Antipaxos Island, the Ionian Sea and the 20 metre high arch.

If you're about halfway the video, you'll see a small figure on the end of the arch, about 20 m above the sea. That little figure, that's me.

In the end you hear my husband, who is filming and calling clues where the center of the bow is. If you walk on top of it (where there is no real path), you won't see exactly where you are. From passing boats I was invited to jump.. 😎

Enjoy a moment.. Have fun.

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