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How to cook our own chicken


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Enya Mona

@Maluc And I already made a Pre Christmas meal together. We went to pick up everything in the supermarket, and actually wanted to get a spicy chicken. But there weren't any more. So we had to do it with an unseasoned chicken and we decided to marinate and season it ourselves.

When Marc was standing in the supermarket and decided to bring the unseasoned chicken, he asked me to look up a recipe. Both of us had no experience with seasoning and marinating chicken (or other meat). So it was really just trying to figure out exactly how we were going to do that. Eventually I had chosen a taste and Marc had obtained all the ingredients for this. Eventually, when he was back with me, we went straight to work.

Recipe: honey mustard marinade

First, I'm gonna tell you what the ingredients are for a whole chicken. And then how we added it.


  • 3 Teaspoons
  • Lemon Barge
  • 3 cloves Garlic or 3 teaspoons of garlic powder
  • 3 Tablespoons Honey
  • 100 Ml olive oil
  • Pepper and Salt


The whole chicken we put directly in a baking dish. So we could easily put the Marinade on it. The Marinade we put all the ingredients except the oil in and started to mix this well. Then we added the oil and once again mixed it well. This has become the yummy marinade! It just looks a little different...


The chicken we pricked some holes in it so that the spices could pull well into it. And then we marinated the whole chicken with a brush under. So we have made good care that the marinade was all right on and in.

Then we put the chicken in the refrigerator for an hour (2 hours is recommended). So that the herbs could withdraw well. After this hour, we put the oven at 180 degrees and put the chicken in the oven for 90 minutes. And in the end you have a chicken that looks and tastes just as good as ours!

Later today there will be a video online that we eat this chicken! So a nice Christmas Mukbang!

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