Day 7 of the week without meat. | jolandemooij

Day 7 of the week without meat.

And then the week without meat was over.

For today I have an avocado and I like it very much as guacamole. Two years ago we had a spoonful of nice nachos at Spoontje, something like that I want to make, with the stuff I have in the house. To make the whole thing even more nutritious and as a meat substitute I open a can of kidney beans.


Well, no, a vegetarian cat?

There's a girl right next to me meowing, because yes, her food is in a tin like that. What a disappointment!

I cover the nachos with some grated cheese and some pieces of tomato, after which I let the cheese melt under the grill. With a bowl of lettuce and cucumber I have a delicious meal.

I really liked it this week without meat. I will not be completely vegetarian, but continue on the same footing as flexitarian. Hopefully you also got inspired and you read in a meatless day.


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