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Spinach with chicken.

OP the Portuguese tour.

My daughter came up with a bag of fresh spinach. I wanted to make something different with that than my delicious recipe with salmon. After a few strolling in kitchen cabinets, I found Portuguese herbs for chicken. My nose told me it was a nice blend. So what chicken bought and some tomatoes. I still had a bell pepper and an onion.

Ingredients for two people:

1 tablespoon (olive) oil

1 onion

200 gr. chicken fillet

1 paprika

small can of tomato paste

3 tomatoes

Portuguese herbs for chicken


cooking cream or crème fraîche or Greek yogurt

broth powder to taste.

silvery rice

To make good use of the spices I had the chicken marinated in it with some oil.. Just added spices until all the chicken pieces were covered. Meanwhile, I could wash and cut everything.

First the chopped outing in the pan, then the chicken.

It's gonna smell better and better.

To give the tomatoes a little more power, I added a can of tomato paste. When it was dissipated, the paprika could be added. The lid on the pan so that everything could cook. And when the peppers were softer, the tomatoes could be added.

And then try to get that mountain of spinach into the pan.

Finally let the spinach shrk and to make the whole a bit less stiff I stirred through a tail of cooking cream. But that can also be crème fraîche or what I do sometimes some Greek yogurt. Finally, I flavored it with some broth powder. Silver fleece rice seemed nice to me, but it's probably also delicious with mashed potatoes or penne.

Just a glamour picture!

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