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Nice away in the home country...


Last week we went to the Lutte for a few days in a great country house “De Wilmersberg”

A few years ago we had been here at my cousin's recommendation.

We enjoyed culinary again.!!


sea bass




We walked around the artist village of Ootmarsum. Always fun, though we've been there a few times.

Especially the Ton Schulten gallery is our favorite.

We've also crossed the border to Schöppingen, where we lived for 10 years. Wandering around the neighborhood where we lived. We started in an apartment and moved to a single-family home after 3 years. We found the resident of the single-family house in his garden and we had a great time talking. He bought it 5 years ago.


this was our ground floor apartment..


the bottom window was our bedroom

that's where our children were born!!

We were grown-up, I can say.

They didn't know there.

Still odd there, no family and all at all.

no phone. So we had to invent it ourselves and that

we did well, though I say so myself.😊

Schöppingen reviewing after 45 years was an experience. A hamlet that had grown into a serious village!!

The way there was already unrecognizable to us, but luckily we had Tommie who inflicted us flawlessly.!!

It was a few wonderful days with lots of memories.!!

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