Walk on estate de Slotplaats in Bakkeveen - Friesland | Piteke van der Meulen

Walk on estate de Slotplaats in Bakkeveen - Friesland


Autumn is a wonderful season to go #wandelen .

Everywhere there are trees in beautiful colors and if you're lucky you'll find lots of mushrooms.

I took a walk of 6 km, a real heritage walk.

You walk from the parking lot where 3 walks are indicated.

This walk follows the blue arrows.

Pretty soon you pass the mysterious Burmania Column reminded of the Star Forest

which was part of the original landscaping.

The country house with the red and white shutters is the Slotplaats.

Nowadays it's a teahouse.

The production forests are laid out on earthen ramparts parallel to each other.

This allows the trees to grow well on a soil that is actually too wet for trees.

The trenches you see everywhere ensure good drainage.

This was invented in 1800, and it still works.

Before the afforestation, this area was a moorland and you can still see that from the pieces of heather that alternate the forest plots.

On this #landgoed is also a centuries-old avenue with beech trees.

Because there is a great variety in vegetation, you will find birds everywhere.

In the forest, dead trees are left, which is great for woodpeckers, bats and insects.

Walking, you come to a viewing platform.

From there you have a view of geometric shapes.

It is a defensive work that was constructed in the 18th century probably as a training ramp.

The estate has long paths and this hike also comes along the edge of the estate where you can take a look over the meadows with grazing sheep.

If you stand still here and there #foto you can easily do 1 hour and 45 minutes on this walk.

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