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Emigrating to Aruba! Part 2

Yeah, what did our parents think of this? They were very enthusiastic! Of course, it doesn't make anyone happy when your child says she's moving to the other side of the world, but they thought we should take this opportunity. They are happy for us! The rest of the family happy too! They all like it, such a nice holiday home.

The first steps were taken in the meantime, so it was time to go to Aruba again.

In March 2019 we left for Aruba for a week. Actually, there was a winter holiday planned, but sun instead of snow was better now. We have explored the island again this week. Do we really want to live here? YES! That seemed obvious to us. Our goal of the journey of achieved. We knew it for sure!

Once back home, the long wait came again. Would our work permits be approved? Long months we were in suspense. We wanted so much to be able to tell you at work. Our long wait was rewarded. On July 23rd we were able to bring the news, YES! WE ARE MOVING TO ARUBA!


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