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Tagliatelle with chicken, mushrooms and cream cheese

Just back from vacation, we didn't feel like going out to dinner again. There was nothing left in the freezer either, so quickly made an easy meal.

For 4 people.
300 gr tagliatelle
300 gr chicken breast or turkey fillet
400 gr mushroom vegetable pack
250 gr chestnut mushrooms
200 gr soft goat cheese
1 garlic clove
spices to taste
olive oil

1. Boil the tagliatelle according to the instructions on the suit and drain. I always cook them 10 minutes.

2. Cut the mushrooms into slices and the chicken into pieces.

3.  Heat a shot of olive oil in the pan and fry the chicken until it starts to turn brown. Add the vegetable pack and mushrooms and fry for a while.

4. Add the soft goat cheese, the cooking cream (or alpro cuisine or rice dream cuisine), the herbs such as: parsley, basil and the squeezed garlic clove. Mix everything well. Add salt and pepper to taste.

5. Add the tagliatelle to the sauce and spread over the plates.

Eat appetizing!

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