Encoding with colors

We have a nicecolor activitythought out for you. It's called: #coderen - Yes. The intention is that you will color a sheet with all boxes according to a pre-defined color code. Each song has its own color. That means looking at which box should have which color. Because they don't have an image next to it, it's about discovering the image. This one is “hid” in the field with all boxes. By coloring the boxes step by step {eg from 1 to 5}, they get a big step further per color. Of course, it is necessary to look carefully to make sure that no digit (color) is forgotten!

Encoding is something that is often used at the moment. In schools, for example, they have bead boards where children have to discover certain codes. And I'm sure you know dyeing by color number. This would seem, only the picture consists of square squares. Recognizing an image at once is more difficult. So the challenge of colouring definitely motivates this!

Colors in this way increases:

- learning to focus on a task

- Your brain calms down when coloring

- You learn to think logically what to do

- In certain ways of coding you also increase certain skills such as arithmetic

Different ways of coding in terms of method:

1. The colour method in this way of coding is numbers. At the following (pictured below) encoding plate this is from 1 to 5

2. However, there are other ways of coding. You have a sheet with boxes. For example, there are letters in alphabetical order at the top. And on the left side of these square boxes numbers. Then you fill in an image is by e.g. color code: 10-B. Here you can see a clear example of this. Click here

3. You can also indicate the colour codes differently. You then indicate which cell is or is not coloured. You can see that very well in this example- Click here

4. You can also apply a calculation method to coding, for example multiplying. You can see that again in this example- Click here

5. Depending on the child's capabilities, the encoding can be adjusted from easy to more difficult. You can see that again in this example- Click here




Here you will find the 1st contribution of made color coding. This in the theme of pets:

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