End of a decade, 2010-2019

The 10s are coming to an end...

A turbulent era, “Is not it always”.

A period full of hot-topics, climate, refugees, fake news; at least the cry is new. Probably the biggest and most important topic doesn't come to mind, that's always the case. “Hidden in plain sight”, do not see what is right in front of your nose. But I don't want to talk about the worldly here right now.

The decade of '©The Original Enrique'.

For me personally, a lot has happened over the past ten years. And also I have done a lot, it's not all just happened to me of course.

First of all I want to mention that I have lost many loved ones, especially uncles and aunts but also my little dog Tiffy and people who were a little further away from me. But no less important, of course. Also in the virtual world. Miranda, like many of Yoors, I miss her, too. A word of thanks and respect for all of them, at this one.

It has been especially a period of illness for me, unfortunately. If I could, I would have missed the whole period. But it doesn't work that way in life and has brought me a lot. Of course I learned from it, I grew. Got more insight, more life experience. But also ten years older, of course. Often I revere about elapsed time. My feelings about that I have already been interpreted by none other than Paul Simon, in this blog .

What I want to dwell on now is the rise or birth, if you want from © The Original Enrique - Yes. I am, too. Originated, after I got acquainted with Yoors - Yes. A (re) discovery of my creative/artistic side. Not actually knowing it was there (still). As a child, people thought I could poetry well and make beautiful comic stories. Very secretly this is still there, (at the time) waiting to be found again. Started as 'Enrique, blogs and more',via'Klein' to the name I now wear here. E.E.O. has been gaining momentum lately and now even have a own website , something I am appropriately proud of.

Do not worry too long...

It is good to dwell on what has been, to take stock. But it is much more important to think and do ahead. I usually don't have concrete plans for the future. It arises, grows or suddenly falls into me. And I trust that. I trust myself, something that used to be strange to me. So I'll move on, hopefully with you, to where I left off.

Thank you!

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