The name prehnite honors the Dutchmen Baron and Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn, who brought the first of these minerals to Europe in 1783 and were credited with its discovery by mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner. From olive green to light yellowish green, it can be seen. Prehnite has a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5 and can be transparent or translucent. Astrologers frequently recommend Prehnite Pendants because they are said to help with lung, heart, and thyroid-related conditions.Additionally, it is said that wearing Prehnite jewelry, such as Prehnite bracelets, Prehnite rings, Prehnite earrings, or Prehnite pendants, will positively impact Libran's physical and spiritual well-being. Prehnite Pendants are well-liked not only because they improve the appearance of an outfit but also because they have healing properties that enable their wearers to connect their hearts and wills and experience the highest levels of compassion. Another advantage of wearing a Prehnite Pendant is that it strengthens the immune system. Even when set with other gemstones, this prehnite jewelry enhances the wearer's quality of life.

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Enhance Your Quality Of Life With Prehnite Pendant Collection