In the far, I see a couple. #futen who is working on the #wage of their young.
me #sail quietly that way, and as I approach them I set the engine of my #boat so I drift to it slowly and quietly.
They sit down, just go on with what they were doing and let me enjoy their busy activities.
That's how I sit for a few minutes watching how the young are fed, how they want to climb on the back of one of their parents, but they shouldn't. And how they try for as long until they succeed 🙂

How one of the parents dives under water to get up with a little fish. The young greats shout and squeaky swim, as fast as they can with their little paws, hoping to get this little fish.
Only 1 is the happy. So “hup” the grown-up grease is already submerged, looking for another little fish.

This is for me #perfect #morning .
Around this time there is in the #Biesbosch (besides a few fishermen) nothing or no one to see. I seem to be alone and I enjoy.
Pour in a cup of tea and sail again as the sun rises higher in the sky.
Soon tourism will start. Time to go home..