Even more skating

My previous ice skating adventure

For years they were in the closet and very sporadically they were allowed to come out. My skates. Fortunately it doesn't froze enough every winter for a solid ice floor, but when the time came, I put those things back on. Take the children home to the natural ice cream or to the ice experience in the ice skating hall nearby. In the village where I worked a real skating rink was built, for which you would need real frost. When the time came, school classes could use it — neatly by appointment. Fortunately, my role there was a controlling, so my scribble was not so noticed.

Skates that haven't been used for years have to be sharpened and every year after the ice experience I thought: 'I really have to take care of that again..'But then, of course, that ice period would just be over again.

In January 2009, I remember well, it had finally frozen firmly again, and so there had to be skating again. At home, almost everyone had grown out of the skates and so new irons had to be purchased. And why shouldn't I buy a new one myself? This time, not those cheap things, but 'real'. Additional advantage: new skates were sharp enough. Another advantage: the new ones had sturdy, high shoes, and my swinging anklets would have more support in this.. In short, everyone happy and we left for a good and spacious ice skating. We found it in Vught. De Ijzeren Man, a large sand extraction glass, created for the construction of the railway line, was completely frozen and covered with a thick ice layer. Plenty of room for a crowd of skating enthusiasts. Unaccustomed I went to work, and while scribbling I reached, for my doing, very nice speeds. Very good for the personal skate trust. Of course there was a crash here and there, but that's part of it..

At one point, my speed was firmly inhibited by a piece of more irregular ice, concealed under a mountain of snow — or planed ice. A experienced skater knows how to avoid something like that, but I couldn't.. Probably also because I got pretty tired of all that skating. I lost my balance and tried to correct. As a result, instead of moving forward, I now fell backwards. I caught the blow with my arms, with the right arm responsible for the most part.

Ouch. So that's what I thought. And that's what I thought again after:!

Like I said, falls are part of it. Usually a small break and a little rubbing helps. Just to be sure, I got off that ice, because another crash didn't seem like such a good idea..

'Can you drive??“asked my wife, when we wanted to go home.

'Sure, 'was my answer, 'why not??'

I started the engine and put my hand on the gear lever, a minimum shift of a tenth millimeter was enough for my injured wrist. 'Er, you drive anyway.'

Instead of driving straight home, we made a small detour to the hospital's first aid department.

I chose blue plaster.

I've given up skating ever since that day...

(c) 2021 Hans van Gemert

Own photo


Exhibition Da Vinci 500 the inventor
#yoorsapril2021           THE INVENTOR - - Exhibition Da Vinci 500  - Medellín Colombia An international exhibition that has the support of the Leonardo 3 museum in Milan, Italy, and the UPB Renaissance Workshop at the Bolivarian University of Medellin.   Large-scale Leonardo Da Vinci models have been created for design and construction and displayed in an extraordinary exhibition. The experiences were unique, since they allowed us to interact with many of the pieces to the public, we were able to appreciate 3D reconstructions and animations of their drawings to understand how all their inventions were based on a series of simple machines, permeated by the spiritual eye - by Leonardo da Vinci. Photos of my tour of the exhibition. Machines Leonardo da Vinci was an obsessive observer of nature, interpreting and deciphering his laws with the invention of machines that failed or were not built. Art   Da Vinci begins his life in Anchiano, a small town, in Florence. To follow the trail of his works, we must begin with those that he left in his native country, which preserves one of the master's great paintings. Anatomy Leonardo da Vinci studied human and animal anatomy, understanding all the physical functioning of him, differentiating himself from other anatomists thanks to the details of his drawings. Una muestra internacional que conto con el apoyo del museo Leonardo 3 en Milán, Italia, y con el Taller del Renacimiento de UPB en la Universidad Bolivariana de Medellín. Se crearon para el diseño y la construcción los modelos Leonardo Da Vinci a gran escala que fueron expuestos en una extraordinaria exposición. La experiencias fue única , desde interactiva que nos permitieron interactuar con muchas de las piezas al público , pudimos apreciar reconstrucciones en 3D y animaciones de sus dibujos para entender cómo todas sus invenciones se basaron en una serie de máquinas simples, permeadas por el -ojo espiritual- de Leonardo da Vinci. Fotos de mi recorrido por la exposición.  Máquinas Leonardo da Vinci fue un obsesivo observador de la naturaleza, interpretando y descifrando sus leyes con la invención de máquinas que fallaron o no fueron construidas. Arte Da Vinci comienza su vida en Anchiano, un pueblo pequeño, en Florencia. Para seguir el rastro de sus obras, debemos comenzar por las que dejó en su país natal, que conserva una de las grandes pinturas del maestro. Anatomía Leonardo da Vinci estudió la anatomía humana y animal, comprendiendo todo su funcionamiento físico, diferenciándose de los demás anatomistas gracias a los detalles de sus dibujos.
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