Evening football (watching)

The words I chose from The Veronica Guide (spring special 2020), page 17: fanatics, apotheosis, sports fanatic, household

I've been nestled in the bank. Chips and drinks at your fingertips. Remote control on the handrail. Still, I'm not very relaxed. There is too much at stake for that. They must win, or they will be eliminated. Yes, I can be quite fanatic when it comes to sports (watching). Then I really am a sports fanatic. Every now and then I'm on the edge of the couch. I can scream them to the next round, but, of course, that doesn't help. If there is a violation and no whistle for it, I will outlaw the ref. How could he not have seen that! And if the VAR does not intervene, it will just as well. Only a few more minutes to go and it's still the same. There is a change, a fresh force makes its appearance. Hopefully he can make a difference. His first ball contact is immediately a good one! He goes to target and solves a distance shot! The ball is changed direction. The goalkeeper can reach it just with his fingertips. A corner kick. And... he goes in! With a headball, my club knows how to secure its winnings! What an apotheosis! The household had to wait all this time... #100dagen #100dagen1 #100dagenschrijfuitdaging #schrijfuitdagingen #schrijfuitdaging