Fairshare: Help the creator and earn 50 / 50

Fairshare: Help the creator and earn 50 / 50

Fairshare has been released today! Now, what is it? That is the most asked question ofcourse! Well, Fairshare was designed basically because you guys asked for it! And ofcourse we've added our own creativity into this game. In our previous releases, you could only add your own posts to your personal profile page, but plenty of people have asked us for a way to share each other's posts too! For months we were brainstorming and working on a fun way for users to share posts others made, while still keeping it fun for the owner also. Earning YP is a big deal, therefore it should not occur unfairly. The author earns with their post, by putting their time, love and effort into creating it, while the sharer earns by contributing to the author's reach and audience.

We decided that it is only Fair, if both the owner and the sharer both can profit out of this share.


How do I share someone else's post to my profile page?

By clicking on the Fairshare button, you basically buy a pass from the owner to share the post on your profile page. This only costs you 10 YP. The post will be shared to your profile and to the feed of all your followers. Your followers can then proceed to read this post through your share!

  • Your followers will now get notified of posts you share through the side-menu (with the blue circle)
  • The post will be visible in the feed of all your followers
  • The post will be visible on your profile through all your other posts
  • You will earn 50% of all votes and payments from  users who have clicked on your shared post through your profile or through a link you shared.

Can I  remove this post from my profile?

Yes, it is possible. Simply go to your profile page and remove the post with the delete icon. But keep in mind that this will also remove your Fairshare. You will not earn 50 / 50 anymore. Also if you have received a reward from the owner, this will be refunded back to their account and subtracted once again from your balance.

A lot of people have been asking if there's a way to filter out the posts you shared on your profile. This will be possible in the future through a filter function/tabs, but that still means it will be visible on your profile initially. Please keep in mind that the condition for earning 50% means that you are willing to show the post to all your followers and also display it on your profile page. This will give the maker exposure and give him a broader audience.

So share smart and don't overshare things you don't find valuable for your own profile page.

How can I earn YP with my Fairshare?

Basically any way that someone can spend YP on a post, is a way for you to claim your 50%. I will list all the possible ways currently for you below. In the future there will be more ways ofcourse:

  1. A user votes on the post through your shared post with 15 YP. 7 YP will be sent to the sharer, 8 YP will be sent to the author. (The author receives the bigger half).
  2. A user pays for a post you shared, since it's a Pay per Post. The post costs 100 YP. 50 YP is sent to the sharer, 50 YP is sent to the maker.
  3. A user activates Fairshare on your post. A Fairshare costs 10 YP. 5 YP is sent to the sharer and 5 YP to the maker

But how do you track the YP that should go to my account?

Simple. With your Yoors ID. Remember that funny little addition that we add to all your links? It is the part that ends with ?YsId=xxx and then followed by a number. Some people may recognize it from earning supporterviews. Well, Fairshare works on the same way. If users enter a post through your unique Yoors ID and vote, pay or spend YP on this post, we will send your well deserved 50% to you directly!

Fairshare rewards

Earn rewards by activating Fairshare on a post that has a treasure chest in it's banner. See the posts below. The first tile indicates that there's a reward of 32 YP if you activate Fairshare, while the second one indicates that there's a reward of 50 YP. Click on the fairshare button and you will receive your YP immediately. Try it out with this post if you want. I have set a reward of 25 YP for each and every one of you. Unleash the Fairshare beast in you! View all available rewards on https://yoo.rs/rewards .


Adding your own Fairshare rewards to boost the reach of your post is a good idea. This way you will reach way more users who are willing to share your posts. This is possible in both quick-post and blog-editors under Fairshare rewards.



Set the maximum budget that you are willing to spend on the Fairshare rewards. We will not subtract any more than this. We only subtract the amount at the moment of Fairshare activation through another user, and not immediately.


The amount of YP that you want to give to each user. As I said this post has an RPF of 25 YP per user.

We are still working on some features and bugs regarding Fairshare. Please be patient as this can take up to a few days! Your remarks and comments are welcome. Have much fun with this new feature! #fairshare#yoorsupdate#yoors#yoorshelp