Farewell to a girlfriend

1 ~9 ~1944... Ans... 2~9~ 2020

Today, her #crematie

Last week I went to visit her for her birthday and struck to my fright and her children's.

on her very last day, coming in, I experienced an extremely high amount of energy and therefore presence

She was already assisted on her way home... also by her twin sister who was already over.

Only since two weeks did we know that she was...

since a year with dementia now also had K... all of a sudden everything went lightning fast

I grabbed her hands and she opened her eyes, began to shine intensely with joy and recognition, so beautiful.

Both my hands around her face and her all around mine, so nice that I could still be there

When her children bowed over her, she peeked under their arms and waved happily, and then she closed her eyes and started a day of morphine and after that the locker for sedation...

They kept me informed and so I could live with them.


The next day at noon, I sit in the PC cabinet and find an old youtube of a dear ex-friend, who she loved too, will put it at the bottom of it

I feel a loving caress around my cheeks and a lot of loving energy revolved around me.. Ans came to say goodbye through this form and a little later I received a message that confirmed this as well.. grateful and happy that she could now go on freely and had not forgotten me. Peace and peace

Strange maybe, but where

I did not go to the cremation, will visit in peace in a while

Remember the latter as a reminder in her... she's been faithful to me for 25 years.

Fun in nature
Maybe for many this seems grotesque and anti-natural, but let me tell you that from my own experience I know how fun it is. A passing day we were surprised by nature with a heavy rain and of course a lot of mud. The boys and teachers played and had fun bathing with mud to their teammates. I must say that enjoying these moments is unforgettable for young people and creates strong bonds of friendship and affection. (The clothes we had to drop it but their joy was worth it)
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My pride, my novel “Captiva”
#yoorsapril2021 First of all something I'm very proud of is my beautiful family, I love them madly and without them I would not have achieved great goals as it is to have graduated in journalism this year, also another reason of pride for me is my passion for writing. Since I am 12 years old I love to write and through the years I have been improving my writing, currently I have received proposals from foreign publishers to publish and that is happy. I'll leave you a PDF with a chapter of a story. The price to be able to read the first chapter is economical is only €1.50 and with it I hope not to disturb, but the whole book has another price, since I independently sell my stories (at the moment) ✔️ The story I left annexed is called “Captiva” has content for adults, and has second and third parts. 🖊️💙 Synopsis: Meredith is a young adult who was unable to resist handsome millionaire lawyer Robert Meyer, who has very shady secrets that torments him at night.. I hope you like it. 💜