Beauty pageant or hell?


Back in 2017 I decided to participate in a beauty contest, I believed that I had to demonstrate something to the world, that beauty and intelligence can go hand in hand, however, as my time went by in that place, frivolous and foolish people were absorbing me. It was certainly not a pleasant experience. Dieting, learning choreography, being hypocritical around other people, appearing to be perfect, all of that and much more.

The contests are not what they paint, they are not a walk in a park, it is more crude and frivolous. The only topics of conversation behind the scenes were "What new things were you going to buy" "What hunk with money you were going to get" or "What operations did you want".

Those months were hell for me, and I unintentionally changed those months without realizing it. Without a doubt, the best part was finishing.