Economic inequality amid the plague of the pandemic ..!

Who benefits, from all this situation, from the various economic changes that our country is undergoing?

Economic inequalities have become more apparent in recent years, even amid the pandemic.

As the humanitarian crisis increased, stores emerged where imported and luxury products are sold, the so-called still lifes. The openings of branded clothing stores, shoe stores, furniture stores and home goods businesses have also been seen.

For some analysts, much of this luxury market is the product of money laundering that arises from drug trafficking and other illicit businesses or the product of corruption, of which there are many complaints.

In this regard, Cressa clarifies that "it is not necessarily laundering, but now there is a small percentage of the population that is very wealthy, while the vast majority barely has enough to cover the basics."

In my case, I was surprised to see how many "trashy entrepreneurs" have benefited from this situation, either by increasing the cost of supplies, or of daily food.

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