Festivals: something you must have experienced in your life!

Unfortunately we had to miss festivals in 2020. However, we should not stay in the pack and maybe fill this void with festival experiences. Below you will find mine.

Rock Werchter

In 2015 I went to Rock Werchter for 4 days with my friends. We were lying on the campsite which was a little further away from the festival. In the morning we always had to get from the night before and we sat together under a big tent or we played a game of kubb. In the afternoon we went to the festival.

What I liked was that you could go to the different internships, but there was also just a DJ. That way you didn't always have to look at one group, but you could also dance to different music.

In addition, I also liked that outside the festival meadow there were also stalls with food. You could also make a stop somewhere between the campsite and the festival meadow to have a drink. Rock Werchter was my first experience as a festivalgoer and I must say that it was very good.


Tomorrowland is a festival I really want to go to. Unfortunately, the tickets are always sold out before I get in to the site.

A few years ago we went to the sports palace where Tomorrowland had organized a show with several DJs. The atmosphere you feel there is really indescribable.

My friend would like to go skiing again, maybe Tomorrowland Winter is still something to try. Do you have any experience with this? Let me know for sure!


2020 was the year of corona, but also the year that no festivals were allowed to take place. A great disappointment for many people. For me too, because I live very close to the place where Groezrock is organized. Every year I look forward to helping out at this festival.

Because of the help we can also enter for free and no, the music doesn't tell me anything but the atmosphere at such a festival is incredible. The people are friendly and the togetherness is really very special. Even when people have been drinking, all this remains the same. No one's starting to be bothered, and that's something I appreciate very much.

Festivals are of course not cheap, but I still think everyone should have done a festival at least once in their life. What I love at every festival is the atmosphere and the togetherness, but of course you should be able to experience it yourself.

Do you have fun experiences with festivals? Then be sure to share them with us!