Food brings couples together. Much of that commitment can take place for a pan of soup, but when one wants chicken noodles and the other wants vegetables, that can become a war and this is what has happened to me, since I was a child, I eat healthy, I have even exercised and been to the gym, after a while I'm a partner with whom I'm 8 years old... and my diet has changed completely without realizing it, so I gained weight dramatically, because my husband was addicted to meat.
Couples expect certain things from a relationship: sex, money and respect, but with an increasing number of restrictions on food and different tastes, cooking has become a complete territorial struggle.
“The way we feed ourselves and others says a lot about how we think about ourselves and our loved ones.
The first time I invited José (my husband) to come to dinner at my family's house, and he just put salad on his plate, disapproving most of the delicious gourmet food my mother had cooked, I remember thinking that could be a problem”
When we started dating, I cooked meat to please him, and little by little I changed our style of ordering in restaurants so that we could share the dishes, but we've been together for 8 years and waiting for a baby our food My husband and I have changed now that we only eat vegetables, because he told me from my family doctor's diet that we cook the same dish for both of us and we came to the conclusion that for the three of us it is the healthiest. from the reason for the choice, religion, ethical beliefs, it is essential that a person respects and supports his partner. That goes two ways.
Today I can say that I feel better about myself and that I have a clear conscience that my baby eats healthy.

PS: here is attached the first dish that I prepared for him to adapt

Fight for meat