This year it's just been miserable for me.
First 380 volts inside, then bathroom remodeling that are therefore forced to be disappointing.
That's not all, last week they ridden off my mirror and drove on without anything.
I did the chase but lost the driver, luckily I was smart and passed the license plate number to the police.
That's all good in itself, but it's all a lot of paperwork.
Both by car, and the damage of 380 volts.
I've made all the calls, declarations, quotations made, lots of e-mails and calls, and the latter is really nerve-wracking, because people work at home often get connected and they don't know about each other.
That made me angry, and I was always short with those people.
I just wanted to get everything in order and now I'm finally around with everything, for that I had to sweat hard 🙂😁🤣🤣

So with this I fixed everything 🙂
Thick thumb for me 🙂😁

#yoorsnovember #fix #pech