Flowers In The Attic

#longread To read this saga you have to have a very open mind because it is a book written and it is based on another time, therefore there are comments towards women very strong, speaks a lot about religions and what it was like to be a good woman or a good man at that time. This was normal and so you have to have an open mind to read this saga and think that it is not the same 1950/1979 to our present time.

It's the year 1957, and the Dollangangers look like a perfect family living carefree in their idyllic Gladstone, Pennsylvania home... until tragedy knocks on their door. It happens the day Christopher, the patriarch of the family, dies in an accident. Your widow, Corrine, must face the burden of a big debt he can't assume.. Your only option: to return to the mansion of their wealthy parents for help. Her mother, Olivia Foxworth, welcomes her under the cruel condition that the children hide in the loft.

Thus begins the torment of the Dollanganger brothers - Cathy, Chris and the twins Carrie and Cory -, innocent victims of forbidden passions and condemned to live isolated from the world.

The daily day of four children was quite tragic, they could not open the curtains so as not to be seen, not to scream or laugh too loud, they had to hide in a dark, old and sloppy attic once a week, to make the cleaning of their room. Grandma went up very early every day to leave them a basket with enough food for the rest of the day, they should always be well dressed, girls and boys slept together respectively and should never use the bathroom at the same time man and woman.
Corrine went almost daily at first, and he brought them presents and to make his confinement something not so boring, between Cathy and Chris a huge union and connection was created and they became with the passing of days in Cory and Carrie's fathers..
And so the months went on, and then the years and along with them, life.

The book will show us all the emotional, physical and verbal abuse that children will receive from their grandmother. They will tell us these lines and empathize completely with this innocent part at the same time that we will feel incapable of doing anything to help them.