Slipped in the snow

Do you know what happened that afternoon in the snow? Johan asks his wife Janita in a concerned tone. Unfortunately, Janita has to answer in the negative. So Johan starts to catch her up.

“We just had a wonderful car ride,” Johan begins his story.

“Actually, everything went almost wonderfully well. Even the weather was bad. Until we got here to our hotel. It's been snowing a lot over the past few days, so everything we saw was white. Snow white. After I parked the car, you got out and...”.

Johan is struggling to continue his story. It is not easy for him to see his wife lying here and tell her what he saw happening before his eyes. But he guts himself and bites through the sour apple.

“... and then you lay there on the ground, struggling. Only the floundering was short-lived. After a few seconds, you stayed dead still in the snow. Slipped over exactly that one slippery spot in the whole area.”

Johan stays at Janita's bed for a while. He's thinking about how to deal with this hitch. As a child he sang along with the song to his heart's content On mountains and in valleys . But now that song gets a very personal twist. And that's not something that makes him happy. After all, his whole holiday threatens to fall into the water.

Johan begins to doubt everything he has believed in all his life. And Janita is just sleeping and unreachable for him. He doesn't dare face it, but his wife has been motionless in bed for two days now. This is a real valley in his life. He's even feeling now. deceived by God. After all, God had made it very personal to him that Janita would be his wife for life. And now all that seems to be quatsch ! Johan is bummed like a plug.

God seems far away and it is almost impossible to accept that He would also be in this deep valley with John and Janita. The sky looks like copper, and for the castle Johan misses the bishop.

The snow has stayed. When Johan looks out through the window of the hotel room, he sees that his car has been completely snowed in. He thinks it will take some time for his problems when snow disappears from the sun.

He's only looking at his wife one more time. And suddenly creeps up on him the thought ' I want to die! '. He scares himself, but at first manages to recover. However, this is not long-lasting. That night, he decides to stop eating. Which, in fact, he also gives up the care of Janita.

Since there is no one around them these days, they both weaken at a rapid pace. Their lives are relentlessly heading towards inevitable death. An almost inhumane scenario.

Could this have happened true? Or would Johan come to his mind in time and seek his help from the Only one who can provide that help?

This story was written in the framework of the writing challenge by Hans van Gemert for this month.

Challenges, which always guarantee tension and sensation!

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