In the Canberra area, Pergolas installation and Decking Solutions offers high-quality new builds/installations, enhancements, renovations, and repairs to decks, pergolas, carports, and other outdoor structures. We design unique outdoor living areas and carports that go above and beyond your expectations and enhance your way of life. Get in touch with us right away for a no-obligation quotation if you want to add value to your house by turning an outside space into an useable entertainment area that can be used all year round for entertaining family and friends. You might also just want to add a carport. We assist you to make it simple.

We create and develop specialised solutions to fit your needs and available space. From colorbond steel to high performance insulated roofing panels for usage in diverse architectural, residential, and commercial applications, we provide a variety of roofing alternatives. Insulated roofing panels reduce the amount of unattractive support beams often used in conventional roofing techniques and give a weather-tight cover, excellent insulation, maintenance-free operation, and a crisp unbroken ceiling finish.decking solutions The panels will not only keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but they will also create a cosy ambiance for entertaining or just relaxing in your covered outdoor area. The panels, which come in a number of hues and treatments, including the brand-new wood appearance finish, are very sturdy and will last for years to come, enabling you to enjoy your pergola.

Additionally, our carports may be tailored to your needs in terms of design and area. We may design and construct independent carports or carports that are connected to your home in a variety of ways. To guarantee that your carport will survive the weather, protect your automobile, and continue to look great years after installation, we utilise powder coated aluminium posts and beams and colorbond steel roofing panels. There is bound to be a colorbond shade for the roofing panels that matches your home's or your style. We provide and construct decks utilising modern composite materials, which are rapidly gaining favour, together with natural wood or an aluminium or steel substructure.

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