In the video that we left, you can see the recaps from the biggest moments from Formula E 2022. Formula E returns to America this weekend, with two races set for Brooklyn. Formula E, an open-wheel, electric-powered racing series sanctioned by the International Automobile Association, is coming to New York City two weeks from now.

Open Wheel

Formula E is a new open-wheel racing series that features EVs, aiming to make the racing more of a sustainable endeavour. A racing competition built on the basis of power efficiency The technology of electric racing has advanced rapidly in the years since the inception of Formula E. Formula E is not only about race cars on the track, Formula E is also a testing ground and a platform that has a higher purpose: testing new technologies, pushing developments down to the production line, and getting more electric cars onto the road. Formula E is quieter, has less gas fumes, boasts lively, downtown races with lots of turns - and it has some of the glamour of Formula 1.

Formula E

Formula Es inaugural season was in 2014, and after eight years, there are 11 teams and 22 professional drivers competing in 16 cities around the world. It debuts with Season 9 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, which pits some of the biggest manufacturers in the world against each other in a wheel-to-wheel battle in the streets of the iconic cities around the globe. Now in its seventh season, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship comprises 15 races across eight cities, including Rome, New York, London, and Berlin. Seven of the worlds leading car manufacturers have registered with the FIA to compete in a new Generation 3 for the ninth season of the ABB FIA World Championships, starting pre-season testing this winter.


The ABB FIA Formula E championship is the closest-ever, most competitive category in motorsport, featuring unpredictable, thrilling e-racing at the heart of the most iconic cities around the world. The future of all-electric, high-performance motorsport was revealed by Federation Internationale de lAutomobile (FIA) and Formula E at the Yacht Club de Monaco, where a 3rd Generation Formula E racing car was formally unveiled for public viewing. Over the last week, several Formula E teams shared videos and images from tests as well as vehicle liveries for their next-generation race cars, with Porsche and Jaguar among the most notable. In this video, you can see their Formula E cars in action at a track.


Mahindras Formula E race team asked the London crowd to dance in order to charge their Formula E cars. Mahindra asked people to dance on the dance floor, and energy which will be generated from dancing on the floor would be transferred to the car. Last week, in London, Mahindra, which was also taking part in Londons E-Prix, asked people to help Mahindra recharge its Formula E cars in a very unique way. I asked him how EV racing units from manufacturers -- technology they have created, work on, is informing what happens in the teams street cars.


Porsche races two cars in Formula E, and, if you do not get the opportunity to see a race, you should. Before you think that the cars racing are going to sound any different from their Formula One cousins, now let us tell you they are not. While over in Formula One, they are mourning the loss of that throaty V10 engine sound, now replaced with a tame hybrid, over here in the garages at Formula E, they are making the race cars loud. Yes, although the engine sounds are not as glorious as they were at Formula 1, competitive races are plentiful.

Formula One

Until very recently, cars were nowhere near as quick as their Formula One counterparts, which has frequently led to criticism by many fans of the gasoline-powered racing series. It is also testament to sim racings realism when replicating real-life, although Jarno Opmeer does not expect us to see a lot of esports drivers make the jump to actual racing -- although it is been done with ex-F1 esports driver Cem Bolukbasi making the jump to Formula 2. Jarno Opmeer does not expect we will see anyone going straight from esports to Formula 1 - and neither does he for Formula 2. I am talking with a few teams over here, as we had some teams coming to Formula E, a few teams leaving [INAUDIBLE] racing series.

Saudi Arabia

We will have to see how that works out as the new season starts in Saudi Arabia next week. The development teams at FIA and Formula E have done an excellent job, and I commend them for the work they are doing with the project. The new campaign also marks Formula Es first season as a formal World Championship under the auspices of the FIA. Formula Es strategy messages are brought to life with the new Change.

E sports

Now, it is shifting towards expanding the audience for Formula E, by getting fans excited about watching real-life E-Prix races, via their love for video games and esports. A bright future lies ahead for Formula Es esports program, then, which will rise in tandem with the rise in real-world, virtual sports reaching new audiences. Indeed, Holmes-Darbys ambitions for the Formula E esports programme are to make it as inclusive as possible, opening racing and games up to those that might not ordinarily have access.

Formula E will be running two racing days, one Saturday and one Sunday. In the London Formula E Season, Andretti Driver Jake Dennis and Venturi Driver Lucas di Grassi won races 13 and 14.


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