Fruit crafts with wooden popsicle sticks

How do square cherries taste? Just as tasty as all the other square fruit! Would you like to taste them sometime? You can do that if you tinker them first. With wooden ice sticks, it's so squeaky. The sticks are blank but also available in colour. If you have the blank sticks, you can simply paint them with acrylic paint, e.g. Creall Top deco Acrylic paint.

Making cheerful fruit from wooden sticks can't be simpler than this. Lay the sticks in a row, stick them with glue (e.g. Creall Coll Coll ) two sticks and let the glue dry for a few minutes.

Turn over and decorate with eyelets, sticks or petals of colored paper. These fruity boys also got a decoration with the Creall Glitter Glue ! Apply that last, because the glitter glue has several hours of drying time.

To get these sticks you don't have to eat dozens of ice creams, you know (is allowed of course:) The popsicle sticks are simply HERE online, in various variations!

The Creall Glitter Glue and the transparent Creall Coll Coll glue can be ordered (online) in the Creall Shop . In addition, if you place an order at Creall and enter the voucher code “creametkids”, you get aFREE Do&Dry modelling clay packincluded! Isn't that top?