Further refurbishment of my Burn-out

Further redecorating my Burn-Out,

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Hey, a while ago I told you about my Burn-Out and I want to get better.
Meanwhile I am now a while further in my recovery, and unfortunately it really goes with ups and downs, if you have longer up moments the downs are even more annoying and disappointing for yourself.
I've been crying a few times at my friend's or at a friend's because I'm so sorry I can't do everything I want.

Since the last time I wrote about this I went walking every other day 1 to 5 km, is up to the day and the weather.
Also I started reading again, which is something I actually like very much but because of the crowds in my head I didn't get any more. Almost again one book out! Milestone!!
Btw is the book also recommended: Fokking print of...

Also I try to do Yoga the day, just at home with youtube, or just some exercises that feel nice.
Even if it's just a 15 minute session, it'll give you some rest.. Of course I also have a diffuser fragrance for this: mother earth, to ground both feet on the ground moment. (see previous blog)

Now a good week ago I had an EMDR session for the first time, because there was a bit of trauma processing.. But this is a separate sensation!
You go there, you do your story, you think about the worst moment, and then you focus on that while you follow a ball on a stick that moves the psychologist. She asks you some questions sometimes and then through.
After that it is recommended to go for a walk to lower it a bit, that's what I have done.. But from the afternoon I got tired! Really unbelievable, I was sucked out! Night and next day big headaches and drowsy and lifeless. So I was there trying to integrate at work... fortunately only 4 hours!
From that afternoon I got a little more energetic, and in the course of the week I started dreaming again, and more memories of fun things came up. Also seem to feel less tired through the day. So I think and hope this is what I needed beyond adjustments in my overcrowded life. To cram as much as possible in 1 day is not necessary...

And also we are just back from a weekend away, just to Landal in the Netherlands wonderfully nothing to do, just eat, bathe, walk and play games 😊