Naked baby (Slug and Snail)

"Hey, baby, I give you a hundred buck",

slavered the snail to the slug.

"But only if you dare to slide in here",

snail drooled,

"and... are completely naked my dear!"

I had an old piece of paper left for snail and slug.

This is my entry to @deemarshall her [Artstorm Contest # 94 Day 2 - 'Creepy Crawly' Week - Theme Today - Slugs and Snails. See

The theme brings good memories to a children's book I bought years ago named "Slibber en Slijm".

Yes, it is a translation of the "Slimy book" written by Babette Cole.
This English writer and illustrator created more than 150 picture books.
I still know a part of the _Slimy book_ by head, think my eldest too. Same with the book _Hair in funny places._

This is also my entry to @mariannewest her daily 5 minute freewrite on with the prompt naked baby.

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