Giraffe mask and video giraffe finger doll

Put on a mask a lot of children like. You can fantasize that you are something or someone else. Even easier, if you have a mask on! This time it's giraffe time. . :)

Play the giraffe of Dikkertje Dap, add a step, put the red boots and sing the song of Fatkertje Dap!


  • Save the pattern from below, in your image folder. Then print out on paper and cut it all around.
  • Put on some firmer paper and pull it over with pencil
  • Then draw the lines with thick black marker and cut out.
  • Before the eyes, cut a cross in the eyes with a knife so that children can cut it out easier.
  • Color the mask with marker, paint, wasco or colored pencil or paste it with sparkles, pieces of paper, etc.
  • First, glue a piece of transparent tape over the speck, and only then make a hole with a perforator. Then it does not tear out so quickly.
  • Use hat elastic, thin round sewing elastic or (colored) jewelry elastic. Prefer not ordinary brown rubber bands, which do not sit well.
  • Make the eye holes nice and big, then it's finer playing.
  • You could replace the antennae with real chenille thread. The end of the chenille thread roll up into a ball. Stick it with strong tape to the back of the (firm) mask. That wobbles funny!
  • Small children can first paint the whole, and then tear pieces of green paper and stick on it.

Below the video of Heart Crafty Things, INCLUDING patronenblad to make this cute giraffe yourself! Very simple and super fun!

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