Good Mental Health

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#health Health must be comprehensive, that is, not only physical health is important, our mental health is as or more important than our physical health, in these times of pandemic, we have seen ourselves locked up at home for too long, loneliness, distance with loved ones, without hugs or kisses from family and friends, we begin to feel alone, isolated and depressed, we must make an effort to use our free time in the best way, read a good book, share at home what to do and exercise They are opportune alternatives to be busy and not feel so alone, painting, knitting, or some other type of hobby is today more than ever important when it comes to developing our capacities and distracting ourselves
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La salud debe ser integral, es decir no solo es importante la salud física, nuestra salud mental es tan o más importante que nuestra salud física, en estos tiempos de pandemia, nos hemos visto demasiado tiempo encerrados en casa, la soledad, la lejanía con los seres queridos, sin abrazos , ni besos de familiares y amigos, empezamos a sentirnos solos, aislados y deprimidos, debemos esforzarnos por utilizar nuestro tiempo libre de la mejor manera, leer un buen libro, , compartir en casa los que haceros y hacer ejercicio son alternativas oportunas para estar ocupados y no sentirnos tan solos, pintar, tejer, o algún otro tipo de hobie es hoy mas que nunca importante a la hora de desarrollar nuestras capacidades y distraernos
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Education loss and mourning youths
#workshop   #onlineworkshop   #lezing   #onlinelezing #education   #education In my practice From Caterpillar to Butterfly I offer lectures, workshops and online courses to parents, educators and professionals who want to know more about the process of loss and mourning among young people. From an early age I learned what loss was. However, at that time there was little or no talk about the feelings and emotions that were bothering me as a result of this loss experience. Again and again these were pushed aside again, they were not allowed to be there. You can imagine that this has a significant impact on how you develop yourself? Especially if you endure a loss experience at an early age. It is therefore my goal with my practice to break the taboo talking about loss with young people. loss is also part of life!  - In my lectures, workshops and online courses I offer attention to what is actually loss. I also pay attention to the development in case of loss, how does a youthful normally develop and how if it is going through a loss? Many more aspects are covered. Feel free to take a look at my website or leave a message if you have any questions about loss and mourning among young people. Maybe I'll be able to dedicate a blog.
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The moment I got into the top 20.
Video creator contest. - Top 20 made me shake! A competition was organized by the creators of the game “NARAKA: Bladepoint” The assignment was very simple, play the game and make a video of it. Of course, I took this simple task very seriously! During the video editing I already came to my first obstacle. We were only allowed to use music from the game itself! Sounds like a simple thing, but it certainly isn't. Because music in game itself is usually not pure, you always hear background sounds from in the game! (wind, water, fights in the distance, etc. ) You could only play the game a limited duration, so I simply didn't have the time to record music. But then I did something risky! I went to dig into the files of the game itself. This isn't necessarily something you're not supposed to do, but it's something that most game-makers don't like because you can find things like unpublished things of the future of the game. So what should remain secret. Fortunately for me, my intentions were not to start finding secret things, but simply simple to find the music of the game itself. It was a hassle but in the end I found everything and this gave me MUCH more freedom in the editing! Here I went, I mounted the video as best I could and took out all the best triumph cards I could with the tools I had. And sent my video to the creators. I waited in suspense. Then the forum came up with the top 20 and there I was then: 3 Now it boils down to the voices. I am already super happy and proud to have reached the top 20! It's given me such a big self-confidence boost! Who knows I'll get it now in the top 3, we'll see ^^ Indien je me wilt helpen bij deze wedstrijd voel je dan vrij om op me te stemmen hier: ( Op de 11de plaats " That time I *ALMOST* got 3 wins in a row! | [Naraka: Bladepoint] " ) Door op ''Kudo'' te duwen en dan ''verzenden'' onderaan.   Video Contest - Top 20 -

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