Halloween Drouwener Zand 2022

Hi all,
Finally, it was time for halloween drouwenerzand again.
Exactly at 1 pm we were waiting at the entrance again for a great day of drouwenerzand in halloween style.
At 1 pm, the doors finally opened.
This year we were the first to go to the witch house, which was a small haunted house, so you can see it.
At least both mothers enjoyed it very much, the two ladies of both 11 years liked it a bit less because they were afraid anyway.
When we had it, we quickly went to get ice cream with a nice bowl of snert soup haha. I like that so much, right.
The next haunted house was still closed until 2 pm, so we just grabbed a few regular attractions first. A quarter to 2, we were really waiting so that we could enter haunted house number 2 first and then we chose route number 1.
Both moms loved the weather and both ladies so charlene and @Crea D are very scary and were really crying in the haunted house so the other haunted houses were not done with them anyway. But then I had a nice ice cream again and then had something to eat. After dinner, sit out and play pumpkin and make something fun out of it.

In short, I had another nice day. Really an annual outing, which we do with both ladies.

The parade in particular was also great again. So beautiful to see.

The vlog will soon be online, I will soon be working on that, you can also see our adventures, of course.

Definitely recommended to go to halloween drouwenerzand. Fun for young and old.

Lots of love @Rosita & Charlene - Blogs - Creations   @Animal lover   @Crea D  

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