Harinkje bites

Tell me, what could be more Dutch than order a herring with onions in a fish stand and eat it on the spot?

Of course standing at the standing table of the 'fish farmer'. And of course in the traditional Dutch way: grab the buddy by the tail. Let him dangle over your mouth and take a big bite!

Herring contains ultrahealthy omega 3 fatty acids. This makes the fish good for heart and blood vessels. Most people think a buddy is eaten raw. However, that is not entirely true. The problem with herring is its shelf life. A herring consists of about 20% (healthy) fats. In the air, herring oxidizes quickly and that makes him rancid. So you actually have to catch and eat a herring.

Therefore, herring is first put in salt immediately after the catch to ensure freshness. This is called herring jaws (cleaning, removing intestines and brining). That jaws are still quite a precise job. The pancreas should not be removed as this helps in the ripening of the herring! In the sixteenth century this technique was discovered and a flourishing trade in herring was created in the Netherlands.

So very Dutch, such a herring. But... what do you think foreigners actually think of our 'Dutch New'?

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