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Nightmare: fireworks in the sky

Nightmare: fireworks in the sky

I'm looking at the sky. All I can see are red smoke-filled clouds and flashing firework covering the entire horizon. I'm feeling frightened and want to escape the town I'm in. I'm in the centre of an unfamiliar town. I've never been here before and don't know which way to go. All I know is that I have to leave this place. The ashes and sparks falling from the sky are some kind of liquids that is burning through our clothes and is hurting our skin. The buildings are being set on fire by this strange phenomenon.

Every street we run to is blocked by burning buildings and it is too dangerous to stay outside. We try to find buildings that aren't on fire to find shelter. Once we found a place there is a group of men roaming the streets, throwing the liquids to burn every house down. We still haven't found safety. I try to beg the men to stop and let us live. They explain to us that it is their goal to eliminate mankind. No human will be left alive, not even their selves! I try to convince them that their leaders will never take their own life, even though they claim they will.

It's unsuccessful and we try to escape, not knowing where to go. The fluids from the sky are still burning our skin and we try to seek cover underneath everything we can find. Running from store to store, trying to prevent being exposed.

I wake up, schocked. Not knowing what to think of this dream?

But then I fall back asleep and the nightmare continues.

We finally found shelter inside a house on the outside of town. Trying to find a way to survive it all and warn others. We got on the road and we found some sort of umbrella which could block the burning fluids falling from the sky. The fluids hadn't reached the outside of the town yet so it was safe to walk out in the open.

We came across an overpass trying to stop the cars giving them a warning sign not to go any further. A few cars pulled over and then, the burning liquids started falling down. We all ran underneath the overpass except a few people who didn't understand the threat of it all. The fluids started dripping through the overpass and we weren't safe anymore. I could open up my umbrella and we could seek shelter underneath it, but our legs were burning because we couldn't cover our entire body's with the umbrella.

And then my alarm clock rang.

So actually I'm not English, but sometimes I believe some things sound better in English.

Still, I have no idea what this nightmare could mean. All I know is that I have a very creative subconcious. It's also not recognizable of what I've seen in any movie or something like that, so I don't know how my mind got to the image and the storyline of this dream.

Maybe someone can help me with the meaning of this dream ??

ik gebruik te weinig engels om goed te kunnen lezen, helaas
17-09-2018 21:46
17-09-2018 21:46