Aloe vera is a very popular plant both in the manufacture of creams and shampoos and in the creation of home remedies to take care of health.
The healthy properties of Aloe vera This is a list of the advantages that Aloe vera can offer in different types of health treatments. Also in some foods: eaten, it improves intestinal function and strengthens the immune system. 3 ways to use it:

1 It is an excellent moisturizer.

This plant is used in a wide variety of moisturizing creams, which helps to take care of areas of the skin that are dry or damaged by excessive exposure to sunlight.

2 It is an aid against acne.

The gel that is extracted from Aloe vera is a good anti-inflammatory, and that is why it is very useful to avoid the reactions produced by an excessive production of fat through the glands of the face. When combined with soap, it helps remove the greasy layer that covers the skin, making the skin cleaner and pores less likely to become inflamed.

3 It is a remedy for dry lips.

The lingering effects of Aloe vera extract and its moisturizing and healing potential make it a good remedy for making chapped lips heal quickly.

This is one of my favorite plants, in my little front garden I have a large aloe vera plant, and most of all I use it to heal burns, acne and hair.

Learn about aloe vera and 3 utilities