#history A long time ago a young man lived in the Llanos area of Venezuela, who was married to a beautiful girl One day, the boy discovered his own father beating his wife. Enraged, he threatened his father with great violence. But his father, far from apologizing, said his wife deserved it. This caused his son, invaded by anger, to begin to beat him Once he managed to push his father and imprison him on the ground, he grabbed a stick and pressed it against his neck. The boy didn't let go until he realized that his father had stopped breathing.

At that moment the grandfather of his father's boy father arrived, and when he saw what he had just done, he decided to give him a lesson: he tied him to a tree and gave him numerous lashes on his back The grandfather rubbed spicy on his wounds, and then, released him along with a hungry dog to chase him Since then, no one saw him alive again. Quite a while later, the strange apparitions of a specter began that always appeared at night, and who wandered like a banshee. Many heard his whistles. Others said he had a huge sack on his back.

History of Silbon