How many nights sleep until Santa Claus?

He's coming, he's coming, that sweet good Saint...

But when exactly is he coming? That is a question you will often hear from your child as a parent. To make that easier, we made a countdown calendar. With this, you can start countdown 14 days before parcel night. You'll see exactly how many nights you have to sleep before it's Santa Claus. Handy, huh?

You can color the days that have been, or put a line through it or stick nice stickers on it. You can also print it twice, you seal one sheet, you cut out the cards of the other sheet. You can also seal the separate ticket. With the help of Velcro you can stick the cards on and remove them again, so that the calendar is not damaged.

It's a countdown calendar that you can use every year!

When will the steamer arrive in the Netherlands? That date is different every year. The national entrance of Saint Nicholas isevery first Saturday after Sint Maarten (11 November). Saint Nicholas is then received by the mayor, and the entire entry can be tracked on TV. Are you going to see how he gets there? Don't forget to sing, huh?

Below the same calendar but in a different version.

Right-click on “save as”, and save it to your computer/photo folder. After that, you go to your photo folder in your computer and you can print out the image.

Crea with Kids and The Craft Teacher Ede wish you nice Sinterklaas days!

Woezel & Pip/Countdown to Saint Nicholas/Guusje Nederhorst

Woezel and Pip, the 2 cute dogs, can't wait until it's Santa Claus. They make a wish list, put their shoes and sing Sinterklaas songs. And from the Wise Fern all friends in the Magic Garden get Sinterklaas lesson. But then it starts storming on the big day. Everything flies around, even the mitre of Saint Nicholas! Can he find the loft of Woezel and Pip?A heart-warming adventure, full of recognizable Sinterklaas moments. Leopold publishing house.


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